Baby teeth

(you may hear these teeth called primary teeth, deciduous teeth, or milk teeth – all are correct and refer to the same chompers!)

The two lower front baby teeth are usually the first to come into the mouth in 4-6 months. The rest follow, finishing up with the back molars coming in within the 24 – 36 month range.

Even though they’ll eventually fall out and be replaced with permanent teeth, baby teeth are very important!

Baby teeth do the following:

  • Let your child chew healthy food so they can get the nutrition they need.
  • Maintain the space where permanent teeth will later grow.
  • Aid in the proper speech development.
  • Help the jaw and jaw muscles grow normally.

It is important that these 20 tiny teeth are kept healthy until it is time for permanent teeth to replace them. The four front primary teeth usually fall out first (at around 6-8 years), with the rest being replaced over the next few years. The back teeth are usually the last to go, falling out somewhere in the 9-12 year range.

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